HR01 & HR02 Red Iron Oxide

HR is a  red iron oxide  pigment. It is delivered as powder and can be applied for the coloration of a wide variety of construction materials. As a result of the manufacturing process, which  includes a high temperature calcining step,unique shade of color, HR red oxide has a higher intrinsic hardness than other natural pigments. It is very resistant to color change during high energy dispersion processes. The high temperatures involved in the calcining process also give the pigment outstanding in  stability.

hormuz natural red

HR red oxide  is a micronized red iron oxide pigment.  It belongs to the product range of High Performance Pigments and fulfills the higher requirements necessary in the paint and coating industry.  In addition, it is also applied in the plastic industry in the field of Wood Plastic Composites. The product displays excellent disposibility. It is very resistant to color change during high energy dispersion processes.

HR red oxide  product has a spacial shade of color and it’s unique product.

Paints & coatingsprimer hurmoz

Independent test on paints, marine coating and anti-fouling in which HR  red iron oxide is used , shows better performance than similar products coating synthetic red iron oxide ,also HR red iron oxide is ideal to be used in varnishes and woo stains.


hormuz red oxide

HR  red  oxide is suitable for making of cement, the HR red oxide has a very good performance on concrete and concrete products, roofing tile asphalt and send lime bricks and offers significant cast saving up to 50% compared with other synthetic products.

Other usage

In products which stability and uniformity of coverage is essential HR natural red iron oxide matches the synthetic alternative and offers exceptional saving it is used in products such as paper , card board colorant additives for tiers for creation of friction and

Hormuz Natural Red Iron Oxide

We provide the best mineral red Iron oxide because: This product is completely natural and completely environmentally friendly. Also, this pigment strongest among peers coating color (in natural red iron oxide).

Best Application For HR Red Iron Oxide:

The best performance of Hr01-Hr02 in concrete product (such as colored baton,  interlock, stucco, cement  & ….) and Colored asphalt.

Why Use ADT Co. Products?

for the propose of the conserving the purity and quality of the product, all stage of loading , transportation and delivery of the cargo to the factory constant carried out under utmost care and

Hormuz Natural Red Iron Oxide

Hormuz Natural Red Iron OxideHormuz Natural Red Iron Oxide

During the production process, the material is sieved to extract all remaining impurities and then it enters the micronization stage.

Hormuz Natural Red Iron OxideThe operation is 100% secure and no other materials can be added to our red oxide. The mine and production plant are well-maintained and supplied with modern, efficient equipment for both the ongoing safety of miners and the local Eco system.
Our product is micronized by the “Jet Mill machine in which the particles are collided through forced air pressure. The result is a fine powder, without the need of metallic balls, hammers, etc.


Why choose HR Red Iron Oxide?

4 cause:
· Better protect from moisture
· Better Quality than the other natural and spacial shade of color
· Better compatible to the environment
· Better  performance than the marginal cost

⦁ Better protect from moisture

By selecting the correct grade of HR red iron oxide, the natural mineral will give better protection than most synthetics when used in paints and coatings. Better protection against corrosion. also more strength and color stability in against of sun humid environment.

⦁ Better Quality than the other natural and spacial shade of color

In cement and concrete manufacturing, natural red oxides form crystals during the production process which help prolong the color-life of the product. Even though it is less expensive, there is no loss of quality or durability when using our natural oxide.

⦁ Better compatible to the environment

100% natural HR red oxide is mined directly from the ground, (whom located in Hormuz island middle of Persian Gulf),  then dried in the sun, milled, packaged and dispatched. there isn’t any additives on this material, no processing and no filtering unlike synthetic oxides that can leave varying amounts of potentially toxic residues in the soil and water table as a result of chemical processing. also in Hormuz island the local people has been made spacial food with this unique product.

⦁ Better performance than the marginal cost

By switching from synthetic red oxide to Hormuz red iron oxide 100% natural red oxide you will find the cost savings 50% of your cost.


HR01 – HR02 Applications: 

Chemical Formula: Fe2O3
Product Group: HR01 Color Pigments
Color: Red
Delivery Form: Micronized  20 micron
Applications: Coating
Coil Coating
Corrosion Protection
Decorative Paints
Emulsion Paints
Plastic & Polymers
Plastic Coating
Plastic products
Roof tile CoatingAsphalt 


Packing : Packing :25 KGs p.p bag               Each pallet :1250 Kg
Chemical Formula Fe2O3
Product Group: HR02 Color Pigments
Delivery Form: Micronized  40 micron
Applications: Cement
Packing: 25 KGs p.p bag
Each pallet :1250 Kg



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