The most economical pigments in the industry.z class

100% Natural Red Iron Oxide Pigments

Cost Performance:  Economy and versatility are the primary reasons .


Economical:  ZR are the most economical buff colorants available today. Ochre based blends repeatedly outperform synthetic iron oxide colors where earth tone shades are desired.  On jobs ranging from a residential driveway to a 100,000-plus cubic yard drainage canal, ochre has been chosen because of its economy and performance quality.


The best performance of Zr01-Zr02 in concrete product (such as colored baton, interlock, stucco, cement & ….) and Colored asphalt.


Permanence:  Because ZR iron oxides, their color is permanent. They will not fade or wash out. The cave paintings by prehistoric man, as well as the earth pigments used extensively in Renaissance art, attest vividly to the beauty and permanence of natural iron oxide pigments.


Ease of Use:  As natural pigments, ZR blend easily and uniformly in all applications.

Chemical Formula Fe2O3
Product Group: ZR01-ZR02 Color Pigments
Delivery Form: Micronized  20 µ & 40 µ
Applications: Cement
Packing: 25 KGs p.p bag
Each pallet :1250 Kg








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