adt red iron oxide


Synthetic Red Iron Oxide SR01-SR02


This product is manufacturing cold rolled and  steel coils having a capacity to produce 100.000 tons of cold rolled steel coils out of which 80,000 tons of steel coils are produced and the balance 20,000 tons as CRC are produced.



This product available in 2 different types:

SR01 synthetic Red iron oxide

available in big bag 800 kg

screen size 150 micron


s1 red oxide452497

SR02 synthetic Red iron oxide

available in 30kg  bag

screen size 10 micron and 5 micron



s2 red oxide

We are approaching you as a trader and supplier of iron oxide widely used as inexpensive, durable pigments in paints, coatings and colored concrete. If you are interested, please contact us.





Elements W/T %
Fe2O3 98.12
C 0.02
Al2O3 0.13
SiO2 0.19
CaO 0.03
P 0.008
TiO2 0.03
S 0.7