About us

ADT Co. was established in year 2009 in the mission of producing and distributing processed Minerals. ADT Co has abeles to obtain a fair share of market since that time with efforts of its qualified and expert Staff and Managers.

ADT Co as one of leading producers of Iron Oxide pigments in Iran is producing and distributing Natural and Synthetic Iron oxide pigments locally and exporting around world. One of our unique products of Natural Red Iron oxide pigments is Hormuz, which is very popular and famous globally.

Today, ADT Co by capability of its specialized and expert Staff and Managers has expanded the basket of processed minerals. Our main products are as follow, Iron Oxide pigments (Natural & Synthetic), Calcium Carbonate (Coated & Uncoated), Talc, Barit and other industrial minerals.

Currently we have direct export to Europe and Asian countries.

We are ready and happy to cooperate with all companies locally and around the world operating in this field.

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